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Magic Dirt

04. Magic Dirt

The best dryland cropping country on The Black Soil Darling Downs Q. is now worth $8000 per acre – which is up to 2- 4 times more than lighter country with…

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Future Thinking

12. Future Thinking

Modern methods of plant and animal management are so powerful a force that modern land management methods will ultimately determine the future of all life on this planet. Our ability…

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(14) Metrics for Garden Chickens

14. Metrics for Garden Chickens

Management of all types of birds is made easy with the right type of infrastructure. These portable yard panels provide protection for birds that may be moved with minimal effort…

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Shaded Forest Grazing

15. Patterns for Cathedral Forest Constructs

Patterns for "Cathedral Forest Constructs" is a series of predictions founded on biological science and visual appraisal of existing forest constructs. New Cathedral Forests match selected species to soil + rainfall.  …

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(16) Cactus Forest Project

16. Cactus Forest Project

Imported Cactus Tree Pear thrives at Janahn Forest on a sandstone ridge. These cactus are never watered except when it rains in our 600 mm rainfall zone - which means they…

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(18) Metrics for Garden Sheep

18. Metrics for Garden Sheep

SHEEP are Integral to Minimal Labour Gardening on any Scale. These Photos below will give you an insight to the infrastructure required to work sheep through gardens. PHOTO 1 Below…

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NO No Till


Cultivation breaks the soil apart. Every time sods are turned, all forms and orders of life in the soil are disrupted, especially long strands mycorrhizal fungi. Fungal viability is diminished…

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100 Trees Hole Plugs

21. 100 Trees Hole Plugs

THE easiest way to make the best tree hole is to backfill a tree hole dug to 600 mm min. with 20% bark chips from Bunnings. Fill tree hole with…

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Making Water Holes

25. Adgingbong and Waterholes

PARTS 1 to 6 of "Adgingbongs and Waterholes Subscription Service" is provided as a complimentary subscription service to our customers that elect to subscribe. Parts 7 onwards is available as a paid…

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Making BioChar Simple

29. Making BioChar Simple

Making BioChar (charcoal) Simple + Safe = Never throw a bucket of water on hot coals when the wind is blowing. BEST to USE a HOSE. Once you have some…

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Turkey Nest Gardens

30. Turkey Nest Gardens

THIS FOUNDATION GARDEN CONSTRUCT has evolved to be highly productive + water efficient + is ergonomic for people + animal movements. TO FOLLOW our Methods of Production you can Start…

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