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There is no such thing as household waste. Everything that was once living that enters your house and mouth may be returned to the soil as nutrient, first to feed the soil’s biology, which then in turn will feed plants, which will then feed animals. It is true to say that you do not fertilise plants. You feed the life that lives in the soil.                            01/08/18 Story still under development


PHOTO 1: Simply fill the bucket one third full with biochar, and go to work. When full, put its contents to gainful use, maybe under a tree, away from its base, maybe into a tree hole. Urine is readily captured with a 20 litre bucket initially half filled with fresh water. Final product is diluted urine, pour onto citrus etc, maybe bananas. Biochar is highly absorbent. However,it needs nitrogen to be activated and transformed into soluble plant food. Manure varies according to the animal and what they eat. We only excrete what we eat. Or urinate what we eat and drink. Except for birds, they combine their urine with faeces, which makes for a powerful natural manure. However, the quality of a birds manure depends upon the birds diet. Cows use their kidneys to split nitrogen from proteins, so you have ammonia rich cow manure, which is why some cattle people love working in stockyards. They are inhaling ammonia or “smelling salts” from the dung, which gives them a natural high. Heart beats increase. DATE of PHOTO Timeless.


PHOTO 2: Kitchen food scrapes offcuts are stored in a sturdy 100 litre wheelie bin.When one third full dig a ditch in your garden and bury. Place biochar in base of bin to adsorb juices. We use wheelie bins for breaking down dead animals and offal. One method is to have one bin with a hole in its base. If you place roadkill (for example)  into a wheelie bin it is readily consumed by insect larvae. Make a 10mm hole in the base of the bin. Periodically fill the bin with water so juices of the compost may flow onto your garden. Move bin periodically as needed. With this method feral animals can not interfere with your roadkill. Eventually you will have a stack of bones for biocharring. Crush and place around citrus or garden. PHOTO of What You Dont Eat and What to Do with IT!

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