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32. Gertrude’s Keto Notes

KETO is the Food Revolution that is simple to understand and benefit from if you understand the role of insulin. There is no such thing as a Super Food. Optimum human health is only founded on “best ratio for your age” of fat + carbohydrates + protein provided you eat the best types of food in ratio according to your age and workload. 

Q: What is the Ratio of Mothers Milk?  A: Do your research – it is simple to do. 

MOST SIGNIFICANT RESEARCH on longevity is being undertaken by University of Sydney with lead Physician Dr Luigi Fontana. Find him on Youtube. Benefits of fasting and a selected diet like Keto are amplified by the types of food you eat. Top of the list are cruciferous vegetables to avoid insulin resistance.

The root cause of Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer and Inflammation is Insulin Resistance. You want your cells in your body to be insulin sensitive. Over consumption of carbohydrates + fat + protein will lead to insulin resistance. Simple sugars are top of the adverse foods list for insulin resistance. Over consumption of carbohydrates causes insulin resistance faster than over consumption of fat + protein.

Humans can function without carbohydrates and this is now a proven method of reversing Type 2 Diabetes. You replace carbohydrates with cellulose + fat + protein for short or extended periods – repeating as needed. There is a clan of people in Rural Sardinia who’s only fat source is from grass fed goat cheese/milk and olive oil. These same people are amongst the longest lived in the world. Only modest amounts of meat are consumed. Vegetables dominate. Fontana’s fasting method is to only eat salad and vegetables with some olive oil for 48 hours every week.      

Yet there are certain types of plants that you can eat substantial amounts of that will enhance your gut biota without any adverse insulin issues = these foods are the cruciferous vegetable and green leaf plants like Rocket and Spinach. In other words eat more cellulose with meat/fish/eggs/dairy.  

Select the Best Type of Fat + Protein + Carbohydrate that you can afford based on ratios and the role of insulin. Good food is not cheap = but you can you can choose the best low cost foods based on understanding the role of insulin in your body. 

The current PLANT BASED WESTERN DIET is the cause of the Global Obesity Epidemic for it is overloaded with carbohydrates from grains and sugar.   

A Plant Based Diet is potentially harmful if you eat the wrong ratio of the wrong plants. For best results stop eating grains and focus on green leaf and vegetable with the best protein source – namely meat + eggs + fish + selected dairy.

Oats is for horses (poor horses). A horse will suffer ill health if it eats too much grain especially without exercise. Laminitis in horses is a result of insulin resistance from excess sugars in grass and grain. The only way to cure a horses laminitis is to take the horse off feed (reduce its food intake and then switch to a coarser type of food). WHICH in humans is currently known as “intermittent fasting + keto”. Young horses and humans have a greater tolerance of high energy food = yet it will cripple both in the end = unless the diet is modified to suit age and workload.    

Hugh Jackman is known to eat only Broccoli and Chicken to remove body fat and build muscle for his movie roles. You dont have to eat this 7 days a week – but you could try it for 2 days a week to see what happens. Grilled meat with Walnuts is a Forest Dwellers Treat. 

Research cruciferous vegetables = especially Daikon Radish + Cabbages + Broccoli + Cauliflower. Cucumbers are worth researching. Try 50 grams of cheese with 500 grams of raw cucumber for breakfast.    

You should expect to suffer some discomfort = for you will feel hungry initially but you will notice a change in your appetite*. Carbs and simple sugars induce hunger and the desire to keep eating excessively. Cellulose is a buffer against hunger pains. Eat all the cellulose you can. Also known as fibre – cellulose is the most substantial missing component of the Standard Australian Diet. (time* required to retrain your taste buds and metabolism varies according to your age and health – any where from 3 days to 3 months plus)        

KETO combined with Intermittent Fasting is useful for rapid weight loss and getting healthy. You want to be insulin sensitive NOT insulin resistant which is ultimately type 2 diabetes.  

DETOX with a 2 day fast of Cauliflower + Olive Oil + Butter not Cheese. Avoid vegetables with high carb/sugar content EG: cooked carrots and beetroot. Eat them raw instead.   

Split you week into 3 days with a strict routine then 4 days not so mandatory and/or any combination that suits your metabolism.    

Protein from meat and eggs is twice as efficient to build new muscle tissue verses protein from grains. Once you eliminate grains and legumes from your diet you will notice a reduction in hunger cravings induced by certain types of sugars and carbohydrates. Grains are rich in carbs (and lectins that are potentially toxic in raw grains and/or large doses). Eliminate one food and replace with another. Experiment with a 10 to 1 Ratio: 1 part meat/eggs to upwards of 10 parts salad/cruciferous veg. as the ideal ratio objective. No grain/fruit/sugar until you are seeing/feeling results.  

COMMON KETO MISTAKE is excess consumption of Fat via Cheese and Nuts. ALTERNATE + Experiment to find your own ideal ratio.   

RECOMMENDED RESEARCH Do Your Own: Search YouTube for Dr Berg + Dr Ekberg + Dr Gundy + Dr Cate Shanahan for just about everything you need to know from a molecular view of Fat + Protein + Carbs.  There are Good Fats + Proteins and Toxic Fats + Proteins. Avoid Nutrient Dense Carbohydrates such as grain especially corn syrup. Stay away from Seed Oils. Increase Cellulose. Learn to cook with butter = there are seasonal gluts for all vegetables, pumpkin with a smaller part potato and 5% butter is good food. 

Celery is a Low Cost Cellulose. Cook it or eat raw. $5 for a large bunch – try eating that in one day. 

Gertrude’s Keto Notes

PHOTO 1: This is Lucy = a new breed of Small Meaty Milker with 25% Brahman Blood. Cheese and Butter are now back in fashion. With good reason. Try a Whole Cauliflower steamed with 100 grams of Butter for Brunch. No grains. No Fruit, No Milk. No Meat. Just Cauli and Butter. The longer you can go without food from 7pm at night until the next day the better for retraining your metabolism. You also need to retrain your taste buds. Which is why butter is so brilliant and not fattening when eaten in “ratio”. Date of Photo: March 2022

Gertrude’s Keto Notes

PHOTO 2: Turkeys will eat up to 80% green grass as part of a complete daily food intake. Raw Grass Fed Turkey Eggs are a delicacy. During a 24 Hour Fast try a few Raw Eggs with Kefir – Nothing Else but Eggs and Fermented Milk for 18 to 48 hours – See What Happens with no plant based Carbohydrates – only animal Fat + Protein + Lactose. Similar to Mothers Milk

Gertrude’s Keto Notes

PHOTO 3: Eat 4-5 Eggs per Day with about 4.5 kg of Green Leaf Salad/Cruciferous Vegetable nothing else except maybe some Butter and Macadamia/Olive Oil. Good Recipe/ Ratio for Detox. Date of Photo: 2022

Gertrude’s Keto Notes

PHOTO 4: Initially eliminate fruit from your diet. At some point in time you might re-introduce whole fruit – ideal ratio per 100 kg body weight is about 2 Whole Apples per Day. Maybe a few Figs and Plums. Avoid Bananas. Date of Photo: 2022

Gertrude’s Keto Notes

PHOTO 5: The Base is Vegetables and Lots of Them. Work backwards from 10 to 1 Ratio. If you eat 500 grams of Meat per Day then aim to eat upwards of 5 kg of Green Leaf Salad/Veg per Day. Date of Photo: 2022

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