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34. Never Fail Trees for Inland Australia

Never Fail Trees for Inland Australia = Planting Method is as Important as the Species
 Deep Tree Holes backfilled with Organic Matter to 600 mm Deep + Water until Established
on Janahn Forest. 100 Acres East of Jimbour. Australia
Foundation Work of Shaded Forest Grazing with Bunya + Hoop + Belah integrated with Sheep and Cattle
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Never Fail Trees for Inland Australia

PHOTO 1: Juvenile Bunya Pine 2 metres tall interplanted with Old Man Saltbush and Belah on Sand/Clay Duplex Soil – East of Jimbour, Australia with 650 mm long term average rainfall is now “stock safe” with small cattle + sheep + horses.

Match soil + rainfall to the right species combined with deep tree hole preparation to encourage tap root access to subsoil moisture + you will never fail. Bunya and Hoop are potentially suitable for the Drier Inland Areas if the best possible locations are selected and modified by management.                  

 Small trees need applied water and shade guard to thrive.
Recommended Reading 100 Tree Hole Plugs + Stock Proof Tree Guards in our Stories Section   

Never Fail Trees for Inland Australia

PHOTO 2: Shaded Forest Grazing Paddock with Bunya + Hoop + Belah planted March 2017 on a 10-metre grid formation to plant up to 100 trees per hectare with stock proof tree guards so sheep + cattle have immediate access. When tree guards are removed hot wires are used to intergraze cattle between tree rows as required. Sheep can have free access to all 3 species within 2-3 years. Cattle could access Bunya/Hoop sooner – however that is variable according to rainfall. In this climate these trees need shade protection longer than in higher rainfall zones. These Bunya and Hoop Pine Trees with strips of tall grass are being grazed for the first time in 18 months. “Ungrazed Grass Strips” with trees increase rainfall penetration. Shorter grazed grasses in between tree strips are grazed/trampled multiple times each year which off into tree/grass strips


BELAH can be Self Sufficient for Water within 12 months.

Requires Deep Tree Hole Preparation + Long Life Stock Proof Tree Guards made from Mesh + Periodic Watering according to Rainfall

Bunya Pine Photo (6) below has been self-sufficient for last 10 years. With 10 metre grid plantings mature trees will cast 50% minimum shade over paddock all day long. Grass Fed Milk + Butter + Cheese + Meat Production Increases with Shaded Forest Grazing Management (which has been proven). Best grazing results are dependant upon stocking rates being slightly less than actual carrying capacity = (viz: from looking forward 6-9 months with standing body of pasture). It is a 10-15 year process to fully restore degraded pasture in this rainfall zone. Soil type influences recovery time.

Best Seedling Kick Starter Method for these trees is to Encourage Tap Root Access to Sub-Soil Moisture. Dig initial tree hole 600 mm minimum deep and backfill with 20% added organic matter EG: Bark Chips or Sheep Manure READ 100 Tree Hole Plugs in our STORIES SECTION for more detailed information.    

Never Fail Trees for Inland Australia

PHOTO 3: Small birds find safe breeding habitat in Old Man Saltbush and Bunya Pines. Date of Photo: 30/11/22

Never Fail Trees for Inland Australia

PHOTO 4: “Rain Fed English Oak” now over 3 metres tall pruned above grazing height of small cattle is a beneficiary of deep sub-soil moisture soaked from associated adgingbong. Within this section there is also Walnut + Chestnut + Stone Pine recently planted. Oak trees will not grow well in this rainfall without applied irrigation water. Instead these Oaks (and Walnuts + Chesnuts + others) rely upon adgingbongs to capture rainfall into concentrated deep soaked subsoils to about 5 metres. For Adgingbongs and Waterholes PDF Series Parts 1-6  GO TO: PRODUCTS SECTION. Date of Photo: 30/11/22

Never Fail Trees for Inland Australia

PHOTO 5: English Oak Foliage drops valuable multi-function leaf litter in Autumn to conserve moisture. Date of Photo: 30/11/22

Never Fail Trees for Inland Australia

PHOTO 6: Fifteen-year-old Bunya Pine now 6 metres tall. Date of Photo: 30/08/22

Never Fail Trees for Inland Australia

PHOTO 7: Bunya Pine Seedling planted under Belah Tree in Shaded Forest Grazing Paddock. Date of Photo: 30/11/22

Never Fail Trees for Inland Australia

PHOTO 8: Small Meaty Milking Cattle are better suited to the integration of grazing with all types of garden and forest food crops. Date of Photo: 30/11/22

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