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31. Sparkling Kombucha Recipe

LOOK at the ingredients on a bottle of Kombucha. 

Lemon Juice + Black/Green Tea + Ginger + Some have Sweeteners + Some have Sugar. USE 100 ml of Kombucha from a Shop Bottle to activate a Home-Made Bottle/Batch 

ADD 1 litre boiling water to 8 Green Tea Bags in heat proof jug = Let Cool = Add Extra water and Grated Fruit and/or Juice of Oranges.

RATIO for 4.5 litre Demijohn is 24 Tea Bags + 4 Grated Apples or the Juice of 4 Oranges. All is variable. You can use Dried Grapes etc…plus Ginger

SIMPLE METHOD is Tea with Orange Juice – Let it sit 3-5 Days then Chill in Fridge to Drink.- Demijohn NOT REQUIRED


FOR SPARKLING KOMBUCHA Experiment to learn best time frames that will vary according to daily temperatures. (1) Ferment in Demijohn 3-5 days and bottle will be fizzing with fruit risen to the top. (2) Pour Demijohn into Jugs and remove fruit with sieve. (3) From Jug pour into Bottles. (4) Screw lids down. (5) Keep out of direct sunlight. Caution: Bottles can EXPLODE

After a few days lift lid off gradually and screw down and cool in fridge. Multiple Recipes + Methods + Ingredients Use Different Fruits = Grated Apple is Good Never buy Kombucha again for once you have an activated bottle you can use one part of one bottle to activate another.

OPTIONS Use a Bottle/Jar to Ferment. Add fruit after sealing lid – caution. Ferment time varies. Contents will be slightly alcoholic. Cool to stop ferment. Seal lids to stop ferment.

Sparkling Kombucha Recipe

PHOTO 1: Mix of equipment required. The white Jug has been replaced with a Pyrex Jug. The bottle is a Demijohn used for fermenting. Useful but not essential for Making Killer Kombucha.

Sparkling Kombucha Recipe

PHOTO 2: Grated Apple and Ginger. Let it sit long enough and you will have Apple Cider Vinegar Kombucha.

Sparkling Kombucha Recipe

PHOTO 3: Residual in bottle is used to activate a new batch.

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