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07. 3 EGGS per DAY PERHAPS ???

If The Chicken were a Solar System – it’s Yolk would be The Sun. Yoko – by the way – is Japanese for Sun. A yolk put around a bullocks neck is round. Cut a hen open – and you will see a line of yolks of assorted sizes – rising from a single cell – in transit to form an egg – and then to become a bird. 

Raw egg whites contain up to 100 different anti-bacterial proteins to protect the yolk. Factory farmed eggs are now being pasteurized to kill off harmful salmonella bacteria. A hen that has access to green leaf – insects – earthworms – will produce healthy raw eggs that are safe to eat raw.  Earthworms are the richest source of natural anti-biotics . The recently deceased 117 year old Italian lady Emma Morano, ate 3 eggs everyday for most of her life – 2 of which were raw – first up in the morning.  She then made an omelet with the other. THIS IS WORTHWHILE CONSIDERING = EMMA ate an almost Keto Diet assuming she did not over eat carbs and made her omelet with starch free vegetables.  

Some modern chicken breeds have become over-domesticated and have lost the ability to bred naturally. (due to eggs being raised in incubators – hens don’t go clucky – especially Isa Browns) Females pigs confined to sow stalls may have no desire to raise piglets – so when allowed to free-range you will sometimes find a sow that will reject its litter.

During the 1930’s, Time Magazines Person of the Year for 1938 – Adolf Hitler – ordered his troops to kill all of Germany’s coloured pigs. Adolf  preferred white pigs only. Coincidentally – Adolfs mother had a compulsive cleaning dis-order – and it is believed that his mentally un-stable mother had a profound adverse effect on her boy. IMAGINE what the world would be like today if Adolf had instead chosen to live a simple life raising and selectively breeding hens that were capable of breeding naturally. Adolf did in fact –  order the breeding of a special line of wild cattle – aka Hecks – and these animals still remain to this day in Germany. It is not safe to go near them. 

More issue with hens – some like to eat their own eggs – not the best natural selection attribute – other have difficulties laying eggs – so give me a fertile motherly hen, a hen that only nudges her eggs to better place and protect them – for she is worth more than all of the golden eggs in this world. 

3 Eggs Per Day Perhaps

PHOTO 1: Return in time to the 1980’s – Doctors and Dietitians tending to declare the egg as a food that should be eaten sparingly – no more than 2 per week. Today – research by the AMA has declared it safe to eat 18 eggs per person per week – without any adverse health risks for a healthy adult. (they stopped research at 18 eggs per week). MORE IMPORTANT is what you eat with your eggs or meat or milk. Starch free vegetables are now emerging as the only real Super Food – for they allow your body to expel acid waste. So a good breakfast is 3 eggs with raw daikon radish plus lemon juice and olive oil.

3 Eggs Per Day Perhaps

PHOTO 2: Sheep have access to non-cultivated grasslands and occasionally Old Man Saltbush. We fed our chickens on about 40% fermented whole grains – 40% animal offal – 20% green pick from cultivated garden crops. So what a chicken eats is actually in part what other animals eat or have eaten. In its natural environment – a day old chick has no access to grain – it feeds on insects that live in mulch.  ALL COMMERCIAL chicken production (including eggs) icludes meat/fish meal as part of the process.

3 Eggs Per Day Perhaps

PHOTO 3: Sheep skins are used as fertiliser within The Long Yard Garden – so at some point some of the minerals in this skin will end up in an egg. If you lay a wet skin down on a garden bed it will attract a multitude of insects – especially shredders like slaters – so you can make insect traps to harvest insects for chicken fed. Place some saltbush leaves  under the skin to breed more insects.

3 Eggs Per Day Perhaps

PHOTO 4: Egg and milk production is potentially more efficient verses single yield meat production. Which is good to know – however a genuine free range chicken eats more than a factory farmed chicken. Every year around the world millions of grazing mammals are starved to death – a combination of drought and antiquated redundant management practices. Surplus cows can be fed to chickens. Chickens can eat the entire animal when prepared the right way. Chickens can then distribute the nitrogen – carbon – minerals of the cow back into intensive food crop gardens. The important ratio is water to nitrogen. Super dams will one day become redundant when politicians learn that to reduce carbon emissions in an energy efficient manner you need water to grow carbon based life forms. What Australia needs is modern water storage and management based on nitrogen sequestration. If you have an intensive animal operation you need water to make use of the effluent – otherwise all of the embodied energy of the animal simply evaporates.

DISCLAIMER – It is the seditious intent of our business to eliminate current 1950’s style intensive animal production – not by protest or legislation to make people eat vegan – but by using animals as creatures with purpose throughout their entire life span. The combined energy of all domesticated animals is greater than any nuclear bomb. Modern gardening and grazing methods cater for all types of diets. To reduce all types of noxious emissions you need animals and management knowledge. Cows are philosophical creatures – yet never have they been know to ask are there any fed-lots in heaven ? Hell No ! – they want night-clubs in heaven – cool forests to camp – open grasslands to graze.    

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