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PLANT an Inland Dry Rainforest with Trees that have Deep Tap Roots + Produce Bulk Leaf Litter = ORDER at BOTTOM of PAGE = SELECT a MIX Listed for Low Cost Trees from Gondwana = ALL PRICES include DELIVERY.

Single Box of Mixed Species Holds 16 Super Tubes (or 9 Forest Tubes) – Occasionally our Nursery is overstocked – so we bundle them to sell sooner rather than later – ALL QUALITY TREES ready to PLANT NOW = Height includes Super Tubes  

(1)  Boxes of 16 Super Tubes with 4 HOOP PINES 400 mm + 4 BUNYA 450 mm + 4 White Cedar 450 mm + Broad Leaf  Bottle Trees 400 mm)  $188 Delivered Australia = (SEE CART BELOW to Order)  

(2) Box of 16 Super Tubes with 4 BUNYA 450 mm + 4 HOOP 450 mm + 4 Narrow Leaf Bottle Tree + 4 Broad Leaf Bottle Trees $188.00 Delivered Australia

(3) Box of 8 Super Tubes + 18 Forest Tubes = 26 Seedlings per BOX = SEE LISTINGS BELOW

(4) CUSTOM ORDERS – ADD to NOTES on ORDER to MODIFY Quantities of Selected Trees

 Contents Vary Periodically as Listed: You will find these seedlings individually described in TREES and PLANTS Section.   

Same Quality as other Stock: All Stock sold via AusPost is 600mm MAX TALL unless indicated as BIGGER.  Height varies according to species – see individual tree pages for information. ALL PRICES on THIS PAGE Include Pack n POST which is on average $70 per Box of 16.  

hoop pine

PHOTO 1: Hoop Pine Plantation 80 km East of Jimbour + 150 km West of Noosa/Brisbane. Rainfall here is 700 mm per annum. Soil is Red Loam. 100,000 years ago Hoop was a Dominant Inland Tree. Many examples of Hoop + Bunya planted as individual trees on The Darling Downs on Black Soil 600 – 700 mm rainfall. Part of The Bunya Rainforest located 40 km East of Jimbour. DATE of PHOTO Feb. 2020.

Super Box of 16 Mixed Species

PHOTO 1: White Cedar is the fastest growing native – this tree grew 2 metres within 6 months – when planted Dec 2017 – massive hail storm Oct 2018 then smashed it – so it was pruned back – and now it is thriving on recent drought breaking rain of Early 2020. DATE of PHOTO Feb. 2020.

bunya pine

Photo 2: Bunya Pine planted on Black Soil with companion Belah to help condition the soil for the benefit of the Bunya. Date of Photo: Jan 2022.


Photo 3: Belah to left with Bunya to right. Belah is pruned to be above grazing height of small cattle. Horses will eat the lower branches – so in this instance horse was moved on.

port jackson figs

Photo 3: Port Jackson Fig on Darling Downs. Here the soil is red loam with 650 mm annual rainfall. Width of trunk is 1 metre. 30 metres tall – 100 years old.

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