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We use bamboo inserts to stabilise seedlings inside rigid upright boxes. Safe delivery is guaranteed to Qld NSW and Vic.

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Grow Trees from Seed *

Gondwana Species are found naturally throughout the Brigalow and Vine Scrub Country on the Western Fall of the Great Divide, and some, beyond to the Arid Inland of Queensland and New South Wales. Most of them will grow 3 to 6 metres within 10 years. White Cedar is the fastest growing, up to 2 metres first year.  All of the Gondwana Trees are compatible to mix and interplant. They are all found within The Bunya Mountain Rainforest or  within 20 kilometres of The Rainforest. The only exception to this the Broadleaf Bottle Tree which was once common through out parts of the Brigalow Belt, especially around Taroom in central Queensland.

We have a small range of Import Trees and Seedling and Cuttings of Fruit and Nut Trees listed below that we are developing and expanding. One of our experiments is a planting of Macadamias and Silky Oak on a strategic section of adgingbong.

SEEDLINGS and CUTTINGS We Specialise in Seedling Fruit Trees because they grow better than grafted stock. 40km East of Janahn Forest up on the watershed of the Great Divide tthere is a 40 year old Avocado grown from seed. It is 20 metres tall and produces a thousand plus fruit each season. We are experimenting with Avocado Seedlings planted under Wilga for frost protection and it works.

Pack n Post Rate: As you order you will see Pack n Post being calculated. When lots of stock is available we offer “Boxes of 16 Super/Ultra  Tubes’ and “Boxes of 9/36/42 Forest Tubes” (with discounted Pack n Post Rates)

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Gardeners & Graziers - Trees for Sale

PHOTO 1: Tray of Leucaena Seedlings. Leucaena is planted as a sacrificial species. After a few years it is grubbed out and its remaining roots in the ground rot away acting as a conduit for the roots of a new seedling fruit or nut tree. Leucaena roots should be 1 metre or more deep after 3 years. Leucaena is a special fast growing tree. In pasture situations we are planting clumps of leucaena on a 5 metre grid to enhance grass production.

Gardeners & Graziers - Trees for Sale

PHOTO 1a: This Jacaranda was planted 6 weeks ago into a tree hole plug 600mm deep backfilled with wood shavings/sheep manure/fish seaweed pellets. It has quadrupled in size. This tree is part of an experiment to determine the usefulness of Jacaranda as part of a Forest for Shaded Grazing on black alluvial soil. Know to grow 2 metres in first growing season – Jacaranda Trees prosper in this region without any supplementary watering. Date of Photo: 13/03/21

Gardeners & Graziers - Trees for Sale

PHOTO 2: Super Tube 160mm tall with 120mm tall Forest Tube. Tubes weigh 700 grams plus and 200 grams plus respectively. Our Packaging is Custom Made to ensure the safe delivery of your trees. Boxes are 600 mm Tall and hold up to 16 Super Tube Seedlings. You may of course any number of seedlings that suit you.

hoop pine

PHOTO 2a: Hoop Pine Plantation located 80 km East of Jimbour in 700 mm rainfall. These trees are now upwards of 40 metres tall. Density is based on a 2 metre grid. Further inland Hoop on black soil as individual trees will grow to about 30 metres. Hoop are found in the Bunya Rainforest (40 km East of Jimbour). Hoop was once a dominant tree of Inland Australia as recently as 100,000 years ago. 


PHOTO 3: Canopy of Broadleaf Bottle Tree. Well suited as Inland Dry Rainforest Species. Originally found throughout The Brigalow Belt especially around Roma. Almost identical to Lace Bark found in Bunya Rainforest. Spring and Winter Deciduous produces bulk leaf litter.


PHOTO 4: Pomegranate Tree grown from seed started bearing prolific quantities of fruit from year 4 onwards. Let the tree grow as a bush or prune it to form a single trunk.


PHOTO 5: Nursery Shade House.


PHOTO 6: Seedlings on raised frames.

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