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Walnut Tree Seedlings (all grown from seed) for Sale – ORDER at Bottom of Page Plant early for better root development prior first frost of 2024 = will grow to 600 mm first season under ideal conditions. SEE PHOTO 1 Seedling planted with Sod Buster Leucaena = 200 Free Leucaena Seeds with every Box of 4 Walnuts + SEE MORE VIA Link ABOVE = Best Tree Planting Method. WALNUTS have a CARROT LIKE ROOT.


Walnut Seedlings from Seed planted June ’23.
Juglans ssp.

Form: Grown from Seed – Prune Trunk to maintain a crown 1.5 metres above ground. Will grow to 5 metres.

Functions: Expect fruit within 7-10 years. WHY grow from SEED: Better and stronger plants. Most Fruit and Nut Trees are Grafted. When grown from seed plants develop better roots, they grow faster. Trees will take longer to bear, however, all seedling trees are mutants, which means that they may produce better or worst than parent stock. With seedling trees we can shape them much more to suit integrated grazing and gardening. Walnuts are considered one of the better tree crops to grow from seed.

Frost and Hardiness: Suitable Cool Climate – requires frost ideally to knock leaves off in Winter.

Planting: Warm Season.

SUPER TUBES: All Seedlings in Super Tubes currently up to 400mm, however height will vary according to time of seeds sprouting.

Growth Rate: 1 metre plus first growing season. Anticipate 2-3 metres tall within 10 years.

Natural Range and Soil Type: Prefers lighter loams with prepared deep tree hole back filled with same soil + wood shavings + sheep manure + 10% biochar.

SO FILL a wheel barrow with 60% wood shavings + 30% dried sheep pellets + 10% biochar + maybe handful blood and bone – use this blend to back fill tree hole to 600 mm minimum depth with soil taken out returned and blended with this mix. One Tradesman Wheelbarrow will do 2 – 3 tree holes. THIS is BEST BLEND TO Date However use what you have available. Bark Chips are good with some blood and bone. Water tree hole in prior to planting to eliminate sink effect. 

Predators: Not Tested however all grazers will eat small seedlings.

Walnut Tree

PHOTO 1: Walnut starting to thrive was planted into a 600 mm tree hole plug backfilled with woodshavings + sheep manure + biochar. Planted next to short term leucaena companion that will assist with its roots to penetrate subsoil clay.

Walnut Tree

PHOTO 2:  Typical Walnut Soil = Sandy Loam. Walnut Seedling in Foreground with Clump of Leucaena in Background. Topsoil mulched with sheep manure.

Walnut Tree

PHOTO 3: This Walnut was planted next to an old clump of Old Man Saltbush that is being killed off. Saltbush roots have created a deep porous tree hole for the Walnut roots to follow down.

Walnut Tree

PHOTO 4:  Walnuts of course…rated one of the better fats for human consumption.


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