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Warm Season Food Crops SEED KITS (if you only want Vines see LINK above)


Kit (1) 20 Old School Water Melons Long Red Flesh Seeds + 20 Giant White Cucumber Seeds  + FOUR Bare Rooted Peruvian Cactus Apple Seedlings 30 mm Long + 100 Leucaena Seeds + 100 Butterfly Pea Seeds + 100 Sunflower Seeds + 100 Cow Pea Seeds + 200 Leek Seeds $33 + $12 Delivered 

Planting Window:  From August to end of Febuary variable according to location and plant species

Seed Supplied: In Resealable Mini Plastic Containers

Suitable Soil Type: Nourished and Water Neutral Garden Soil

Pack n Post Rates: Flat Rate Postage = Maximum $12 for all Seeds on Same Order

Warm Season Food Crops

Photo 1: Tomatoes are planted mid-late December so that fruit sets and matures going into cool season – this almost eliminates insect damage to fruit on vine. Bulk tomatoes may then be dried or cooked and reduced to a paste for storage and use through winter.

Warm Season Food Crops

Photo 2: Capsicum raised with slabs – same method is useful for tomatoes.

Warm Season Food Crops

Photo 3: Capsicums planted into wool mulch = which is a natural accumulator of sulfur.

Warm Season Food Crops

Photo 4: Zucchini planted next to hedge of Old Man Saltbush in Long Yard Garden into a bed of Barley that was left standing – now drying off and collapsing as mulch.


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