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Hoop Pine Tree Forest Tube Seedlings for Sale 300 mm Tall including Tube ->  IDEAL for Potting on to Grow before Planting  BOX of 9 @ $94.00 Delivered

SUPER TUBE STOCK  Boxes of 4 @ $92 Delivered + Box of 16 @ $180.00 Delivered

HOOP PINE SEED = SEE LAST PHOTO BELOW = 1000 SEEDS @ 30% Viability INCLUDES Methods of Seed Propagation in PDF via email + 40 Super Tubes + 2 Trays. (BULK SEED Also Available Contact for Price) 

FROST: Minus 4 is the Tipping Point for small Hoop Seedlings. With Shade Cloth Tree Guard you should never have any damage below minus 4. Beyond minus 4 frost damage can occur to lush green tips. Tree become hardier every year. 5 year old Hoop growing here without tree guards can handle minus 7 C without any adverse effects.   


Hoop Pine

Araucaria cunninghamii

Form: : Softwood, Erect to 40 metres. Evergreen. Famous house timber.

Functions: Ideal for an Inland Dry Rainforest. Produces mulch. Nesting for small birds. 100,000 years ago – Hoop was a dominant Inland Gondwana Species that covered most of Australia.

Frost and Hardiness: Handles minus 10 C once established. Requires tree guard to establish. Seedling may get tipped by frost in winter. (excess nitrates would usually be the reason) Single mature trees grow well outside of a forest in many locations around here. Ideal GROWTH with a Deep Tree Hole in rich soils with minimal added nutrients.

Planting: Year-round with tree guard first 2 years minimum recommended. Maintain periodic watering according to seasonal conditions. With our new biochar plug tree planting technique Hoop can be self sufficient within two years.

SUPER TUBES: Seedlings in Super Tubes are 9 -12 months old. Soil weight of Super Tubes is 700 grams plus, 160mm Tall. FOREST TUBES: Seedlings are minimum 6 months old. Soil weight of a Forest Tube is 200 grams plus. Forest Tube seedlings can be grown in tubes for an extra 6 months or more to increase size and strenght prior to planting.

Growth Rate: With average rainfall seedlings should be self-sufficient within 1 to 3 years, sometimes less. Faster growing than Bunya. up to 5 metres tall within 10 years when planted in rich red scrub loams. Responds well to our biochar tree plug planting method in all soils. CAUTION with over feeding = seedlings thrive in humus = avoid excess nitrates. SEE 100 Tree Hole Plugs Deep Hole Method.

Long Lived: 100 years plus.

Natural Range and Soil Type: Bunya Mountains, Many parts of The Great Divide, Indonesia, New Guinea. 600 to 700mm rainfall zones Vine Scrub on both sides of The Divide. Will grow in heavy black soil, prefers lighter loams.

Predators: are few. Only sheep have been observed to nipple green tips of seedling hoop when grass is scarce. All animals will avoid rubbing against Hoop due to its rough foilage. Only needs a 900 mm tall mesh tree guard with 2 pickets and shade cloth. Invest in x number of sturdy long life tree guards and you reuse them every 2-3 years, then when finished with give them away or sell them or leave them to a future tree planter. Go to STORIES in above Menu Bar and check out more detailed info in relation to Tree Guards.

hoop pine

PHOTO 1: Inside Hoop Pine Plantation located 80 km East of Janahn Forest. Ultra dense on red soil + 700 mm rainfall.

Hoop Pine

PHOTO 2: 5 year old Hoop 1.5 metres Tall in Stock Proof Tree Guard within Shaded Forest Grazing Paddock. Companion to right is Belah. Date of Photo: Sept 2022

Hoop Pine

PHOTO 3: Hoop Pines Foilage is structured to condense atmotpheric moisture.

Hoop Pine

PHOTO 4: 5 metre Tall Hoop Pine on Black Soil Creek Banks in local town with 600 mm rainfall. Date of Photo Winter 2022

hoop pine

PHOTO 5: Hoop Pine is laid down to be covered. Germination Rates vary from 0% to 90% so with this measure of seed from a plate we can get a reading. Seed is dried and stored for many years in freezer/fridge. Viable Seed is Sometimes difficult to Source so we Collect and Store with an Identified Germination Rate.    

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